Sense is a mobile sensory-based internet intervention that contains a range of calming and stimulating nature-based videos that range from real life to abstract. This non-pharmcological intervention aims to provide sensory-enriching experiences that will result in increased sense of calm, optimisim and confidence, improved mood, and wellbeing.

As the population ages, the number of older people experiencing dementia is expected to increase. Persons with dementia are among the most vulnerable in our society, and most experience depression, agitation and anxiety. Deteriorating cognitive abilities impact their ability to communicate their needs and can result in them becoming isolated, ignored, bored, frustrated or distressed. Additionally, older people experience reduced senses. With a lack of sensory-enriching experiences, these changes can be frightening, impacting quality of life for all and often triggering admission to institutional care. We aim to evaluate the impact and experience of a novel, purpose built, low cost, and mobile sensory-based internet intervention.

Our key aims:

1. Determine the impact of a person-centred, simple, low cost and interactive online sensory-based intervention (‘Sense’) on mood, behaviour, subjective wellbeing; and

2. Produce an evaluative account of ‘Sense’ regarding what works, for whom, and in what circumstances to inform targeted implementation activities.

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